Response to Reverend Bookburn

"Reverend Bookburn" writes:
We're giving a mini-posting to celebrate the new year and link a special New Years Show (below)
We were sabotaged at a past site due to a disturbed person. We need Bookburners to get the word out that this is the real Rev. Bookburn site. The sabotage was done for the purpose of spreading hate to Susan Sarandon, as well as promoting unconditional devotion for the corporate, fossil-fueled brand of the Democratic Party.
If anybody has unconditional love for a corporate brand it's Reverend Bookburn who adores Susan Sarandon so blindly that it doesn't bother him that she's incredibly wealthy in part by doing commercials for corporations like Johnson and Johnson (Tylenol ads) and L'Oreal.

The hypocrisy is absolutely mind-boggling.

What "Rev Bookburn" doesn't mention was that the "disturbed person" set up and maintained his website for over a decade and created - for free of course - the current Reverend Bookburn logo.

That's why it was so easy to "sabotage" the Reverend Bookburn site - I did all the work and PAID FOR the Reverend Bookburn domain name.

But being incredibly self-centered and resenting people who do the actual work is who "Reverend Bookburn" has always been. Much like Bernie Sanders attacks the Democratic Party but was happy to leech off us when he thought it would give him power. Much like Sanders used to leech off his landlord's electricity even though he was a college-educated white man in the 1970s and could have gotten a decent-paying job. But he'd rather devote himself to writing for political magazines that didn't pay anything.

I've known many men like Bernie Sanders in my youth - my ex-husband was one of them. So is the Reverend Bookburn.

I am thrilled I am no longer in denial about it.

Please note that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who brocialists like Reverend Bookburn adore so much - is a Democrat.

Susan Sarandon is the face of Berniebro handmaidens - AOC is the face of Democratic women. Here she is dancing, looking like a real woman, not like the plastic porno Barbie dolls that Reverend Bookburn loves so much.

The best part of the story - Reverend Bookburn freaked out because the "disturbed person" criticized Susan Sarandon, but he was friends to the end of her life with "Caprizchka" (real name Laura Garth) a far-right extremist who loved neo-Nazi misogynist racists Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannapoulos. But he never called her "disturbed" for some reason. I guess that shows what Reverend Bookburn's priorities really are. And I'm glad I'm no longer in denial about that either.