American men who participate in slavery

This article in the NYTimes The Monsters Are the Men is a reminder that all these men who go to these "massage" places staffed by Asian women know damn well that the women are being trafficked and are forced into prostitution - and they just don't care.

Or maybe they like it - maybe they get off on the fact that these poor human beings are forced to service them. Certainly we know that a significant number of men don't require intimacy or a relationship in order to have sex - just a collection of warm holes is all they require. I think having sex without intimacy, far from being a sign of awesome free-thinking free-love liberation is a sign of sociopathy.

But it's a good indicator for the "real doll" industry which might put a serious dent in the trafficking of live human beings. As long as you can get the real dolls to say some basic sentences they will fulfill everything that many men need in a sex partner.

In the meantime all these men are participating in slavery and they are truly evil.
Beyond the lurid celebrity connection, however, lies the wretched story of women who police believe were brought from China under false promises of new lives and legitimate spa jobs. Instead, they found themselves trapped in the austere back rooms of strip-mall brothels — trafficking victims trapped among South Florida’s rich and famous. 
“I don’t believe they were told they were going to work in massage parlors seven days a week, having unprotected sex with up to 1,000 men a year,” said Sheriff William D. Snyder of Martin County, whose office opened the investigation. “We saw them eating on hot plates in the back. There were no washing machines. They were sleeping on the massage tables.”