Reverend Bookburn - a fan of alt-right Quillette

I should have known this would happen eventually.

"Reverend Bookburn" is such an idiot he retweets a story from alt-right Quillette.

Because of course if they are pro-psychedelics it doesn't matter if their editorial positions include:

  • Anti-Muslim
  • Anti-Feminist
  • Anti-Socialist
  • Anti-Trans
  • Pro-Race Science

I've been blogging about the awfulness of Quillette for over a year - but that shows you how much Reverend Bookburn paid attention to anything I did - until we stopped being friends.

It's possible this isn't pure idiocy -  it's possible that he's become alt-right. As I noted, he had no problem with his friend who was a fan of Gavin McInnes - McInnes is connected to Canada's far right "Rebel Media" - just like the founder of Quillette, Claire Lehmann.

But it could be even worse than that - it's possible Reverend Bookburn thinks Claire Lehmann is attractive and that's why he doesn't care she's a fucking right-wing asshole POS and why he's retweeting garbage from garbage Quillette.

Jesus fucking Christ, I am so soooo glad I am done with that fucking moron.