When man-babies attack!

For many of us, its very hard to forget what
a gigantic asshole Susan Sarandon is

Well "Reverend Bookburn" is still ranting, and still claiming that arguing with someone on Twitter is "stalking."

And he clearly has a reading comprehension problem:
It gets funnier. Now on the fake site that bears my name, it is called “sexism” to criticize St. Hillary.'
My point was that suggesting a woman is mentally ill because she disagrees with a man is sexism - and common in our culture.

That wasn't directly about Hillary Clinton. Although certainly the raging hatred of Clinton from Bernie Bros and their handmaidens like Susan Sarandon was fueled in part by sexism.

Susan Sarandon was a supporter of John Edwards in spite of his vote for the Iraq war. That was the excuse she gave for "breaking up" with Hillary Clinton - because she voted for the Iraq war.

Sarandon holds Clinton to a higher standard because she's a woman - in other words women politicians have to be more pure than male politicians in the bullshit traditional gender roles that Sarandon believes in.

Speaking of traditional gender roles, Bob's friend Caprizchka was by the end of her life a female "men's rights activist."

She loved "Proud Boys" founder Gavin McInnes and human garbage Milo Yiannopoulos. No, I am not making that up. If she was still alive she would certainly have gone to their rally.

She was also a fan of rightwing racist Steve Sailer, expressed in the same post.

And here is another post where she expounds her theories of the temporary utility of female suffrage and how the Civil War "killed masculinity in the US," while citing Steve Sailer:
In a demographic situation where a disproportionate number of the fighting men have been killed or injured, and male property owners are also in short supply such as after a war, I can see the utility of extending suffrage to women. However, such a situation, in my view, ought to be temporary, until the population of property-owning men from 35 to 65 is restored 
Therefore, it would seem that The U.S. Civil War effectively killed masculinity in the U.S., even if the patient was still breathing at the time, with World War I, II, and the Vietnam War providing further demographic imbalance insults. I say this, even though, as a backlash to the feminine imperative of Prohibition, there was a period there prior to “second wave feminism” where masculinity was in full swing, thereby setting it up for a fall by means of an over-correcting socially-engineered “pendulum” of social trends. For details on this process, please see Steve Sailer’s pieces: The Ultimate Minority Right and Prohibition: Twin Sister of Women’s Suffrage. 
But that was fine with Bob. And as a white man it was no problem for him to remain a friend of such an extremist crackpot.

Bob wrote in his latest rant:
Caprizchka does not deserve to be in the same paragraph
(with me)

That's true. Because I have always been a better person than her, from the day she hit on my (ex-) husband while I was holding our infant daughter in the same room, to the day she died as a right-wing extremist admirer of racist and sexist monsters, I have always been a better person than her.

But of course a garbage person like Bob would not get that.

Bob and I had a mutual friend, Matt, who went completely off the deep end a few years ago and began spouting MRA talking points at my daughter and I on Facebook. Of course we both cut him off.

I'm only sorry we didn't cut Bob off sooner. I should have realized what an asshole he was when he maintained a friendship with a rightwing racist misogynist asshole.

BTW Bob, the domain name reverendbookburn.com expires April 2020 and I have no plans to renew it so it will be all yours then. After which time I will never think of you again, you shitty garbage person.