Why does Reverend Bookburn support MRAs?

Susan Sarandon supports the Squad but Bob's
deceased friend, right-wing extremist "Caprizchka"
would have hated their guts. 
Reverend Bookburn libels me, falsely claiming I'm a "psycho" and unemployed because back in December 2018 I:
a. criticized Susan Sarandon to some of his rando friends on Twitter 
b. when he retaliated I took back the reverendbookburn.com domain name I set up and paid for.
He likes to imagine his right-wing extremist asshole friend Caprizchka up in heaven "laughing hysterically."

But of course she would be - Trump is president. That would have been her dream come true, if she had lived to see it. Every single attack on a person of color, on immigrants, or Muslims, every single charge of pussygrabbing against Trump, Caprizchka would have been cackling about what a great manly-man Donald Trump is.

Caprizchka absolutely hated feminists. She was a ranting, frothing rightwing freak on the subject.

Here is a choice paragraph:
However, to hear history from Feminists, women have always been systematically oppressed by government and a secret cabal known as “The Patriarchy,” which together conspire to keep women from achievement in the social and political realms and from happiness itself. This narrative ignores all oppression of men, which is the norm for all but a tiny percentage. It also oddly ignores the role of religion while not owning its apparently anti-religious stance so as to ensure that all women—even religious ones—adopt the “Feminism” mantle.
I've run into this kind of idiocy from other right-wingers on Twitter - this claim that "patriarchy" is some kind of myth invented by feminists. The term was first used in 1692 and used by anthropologists to describe real, past and present social arrangements. It wasn't invented by third-wave feminists.

Caprizchka had some awful things to say about Black Lives Matter too:
In addition, a fair amount of both funding and personnel in Black Lives Matter has an Islamic flavor, with cop killers thus far being overwhelmingly Islamic influenced. A lot of that conversion occurs in prison. 
Similarly, Communist/Socialist elements to include Feminism and LGBT advocacy by default or design serve Islamic creep by hamstringing competitive interests such as Fundamentalist Christianity.
She was a raging misogynist, a racist, an Islamaphobe, anti-socialist, anti-left and even suggests LGBT advocacy serves "Islamic creep."

And here she explains how rape isn't really rape. No doubt she would have defended Trump against all the charges of rape.

She hated everything that Reverend Bookburn claims to stand for.

And yet he thought she was awesome.

Maybe because he has no personal nor political integrity. Or maybe, like many older men, like my ex-friend Matt, he has become a right-winger & MRA. After all, he did promote the rightwing rag Quillette, which is also anti-feminist, anti-left, anti-socialist, anti-Muslim, anti-trans and racist. Just like good old Caprizchka.

I'm just sorry I didn't wise up sooner and stop being his friend long ago. I wasted time and money on promoting an absolute shit-head and his ever-more obsolescent creepy old baby-boomer web site.