Kathy Bates helps me celebrate Blogger standards

Kathy Bates, who starred in the movie "Misery" is here to celebrate with me the fact that Blogger has an anti-bullying and targeted harassment policy which resulted in Bob Reverend Bookburn's blog, created expressly to attack me personally, being removed.

So sorry Bob Reverend Bookburn. Maybe you'll have better luck with the misogynist gang on Gab.


Donald Trump sure hates Debra Messing

He doesn't seem to have a problem with Susan Sarandon though. How about that. Could it be because Susan Sarandon said this?

"I believe in a way she is more dangerous," Sarandon suggested without mentioning Trump's name, after Chariton asked her why Clinton's foreign policy went largely unchallenged during the Democratic primary.
"She did not learn from Iraq, and she is an interventionist, and she has done horrible things, and very callously, I don't know if she is overcompensating or what her trip is," Sarandon said, adding, "I think we'll be in Iran in two seconds." 
"So I'm curious to see if anyone brings up these things," she continued.
"But this is what we're fed. 'He's so dangerous. He's so dangerous,'" Sarandon said, shrugging off Trump's most controversial rhetoric as too implausible to be considered a serious threat.

Sarandon is the perfect poster girl for the delusional purity freaks who worship Bernie Sanders. They are so extreme, so delusional, that, like "Reverend Bookburn" they can't tell the difference between linking to actual journalism in the New York Times and linking to a racist rag like Quillette which has no reporting and instead all opinions - and mostly extreme right-wing opinions.

The New York Times, considered part of the "liberal media" by the Right, sometimes does publish things I disagree with. But that is more than made up for by things like the 1619 project, which Sanders supporters don't pay attention to, but I have been linking to a lot from my anti-racism web site.

But when you are an extremist a right-wing race rag and the NYTimes are exactly the same.

This is why the kind of people who love Bernie Sanders never actually change anything for the better.  They can't tell the difference between good-but-not-perfect and evil. So they rage against people like Hillary Clinton on their irrelevant blogs.

And people who have actual influence like Susan Sarandon, end up helping Trump.

The people who worship Bernie Sanders think of him as a kind of Gandalf. Unlike that bum Obama, who didn't make all their socialist dreams come true, they actually believe that all Sanders has to do to turn the US socialist is to get elected president. He's barely accomplished anything in the Senate, but they think that Bernie is Magic.

He's not magic, and if he was elected he would not make all their dreams come true. And then they would hate him too.

But Sanders supporters are so devoted to their purity that they would rather have Trump than Clinton and they find themselves on the same side as Trump, as in their Sarandon-cult hatred of Debra Messing.

It's clear that Fox News considers Sarandon their champion in her conflict with Messing. They even mention Sarandon's comment about Clinton being more dangerous. Sarandon's insane purity politics is the perfect example of the horseshoe theory. And of course her internalized misogyny makes her a darling of the Right.


Uh oh, Bob has to make a blog to attack this person

Look Bob someone on Twitter attacked Susan Sarandon as a "clueless white woman" and got ten thousand likes and 1.4 K retweets.

What if one of your Twitter followers sees this?

It's up to YOU to make sure the precious snowflakes who follow you on Twitter don't see this!

Time to call this person a "psycho" and create a blog to attack her!


Apparently Bob does not want me to release the Reverendbookburn.com name

I have to laugh at Bob Reverend Bookburn - he had a meltdown because I dared to express an opinion that he and his Twitter followers didn't like. I dared to criticize Susan Sarandon, the multi-millionaire celebrity who earned big bucks thanks to Big Pharma.

Meanwhile, lots of people despise Susan Sarandon and say so on Twitter.

I'm surprised Bob doesn't start web sites devoted to hating these people too, since "his" followers might see these tweets and become upset. That was the exact reason he gave for his vicious attacks against me, because he had to control what his followers saw.

So for the sake of people he's never met and a movie star, he attacked my character, my appearance and my personal life from forty years ago.

Which is what asshole men do to women on the Internet, when women express opinions that men don't like. That's what the whole Gamergate thing was about.

But Bernie Sanders followers are known for being misogynists and using some of the same tactics as Gamergate.

Well Bob, I had previously indicated that I wouldn't renew the reverendbookburn.com web site so you could have it back.
BTW Bob, the domain name reverendbookburn.com expires April 2020 and I have no plans to renew it so it will be all yours then. After which time I will never think of you again, you shitty garbage person.
But since you've decided to double-down, going so far as to create a blog devoted to attacking me:
It is time to revive my call for creative ideas for a script. The Lifetime Channel loves to provide endless shows about psychos. There have already been fantastic ideas submitted. An idea that bears results may arise from all of this.

I've changed my mind.

I expect a public apology if you want reverendbookburn.com back. You creepy weirdo who was friends with a neo-Nazi named Caprizchka.

And BTW - when your Twitter followers say "just ignore the asshole statements" it's probably because they don't understand why a grown man is throwing a tantrum lasting nine months because someone said something negative about Susan Sarandon on Twitter. They are mostly weirdos themselves and even they think you're a freaking weirdo.

And they are right.

And since Bob is one of the most emotionally arrested adults I have ever known, of course he won't apologize. He's an authoritarian who has never admitted to being wrong about anything in his entire life. And he enjoys throwing tantrums.

I do blame myself for refusing to see what an enormous asshole he has always been - it used to bother me that he got such pleasure out of making the anti-abortion protestors cry, by laughing about their personal lives, if he knew anything about them. I did think the anti-abortion protestors were assholes and they certainly had no room to complain about people making an issue out of their personal lives, since they decided to butt into women's personal lives and healthcare issues - but Bob Reverend Bookburn got so much pleasure out of their distress, when he shouted in public about their divorce or whatever other personal information he had managed to discover. It was his obvious enjoyment of their pain that bothered me. I should have realized who he was then.

This blog is of course primarily about Susan Sarandon, and I'm sure as the election season continues she will provide plenty of content for Sarandonphobe.