Reverend Bookburn and his misogynist "progressive" followers on Twitter

It's fascinating to see how many alleged progressives support Bob "Reverend Bookburn" and his jihad against me because I
a. criticized Susan Sarandon 
b. took back the domain name I paid for.

The reason the web site Bob set up to attack me was removed was because it violated Blogger's rules against bullying and targeted harassment.

But he's still attacking me on Twitter.

But Twitter doesn't shut down a raving lunatic like Trump so there's no hope Twitter will shut down a raging old white man misogynist like "Reverend Bookburn."

It took so little for "Reverend Bookburn" to begin a vicious series of attacks against me - I expressed negative opinions about Susan Sarandon, and after he began attacking me personally, I refused to be a doormat by allowing him to continue to use the domain name that I paid for.

But that's all it takes for a misogynist authoritarian asshole like "Reverend Bookburn."

I am so happy I've been Reverend Bookburn-free for almost a year now.