Bernie Sanders, deadbeat dad

I had read the article back in 2016 about Bernie Sanders, recounting how he lived in squalor, without any food in the fridge when he was sharing custody of his son, who was very young at the time. And Sanders stole his landlord's electricity too, because he'd rather not get a paying job.

It seems like it was even worse than I realized:
Prior to his election as mayor of Burlington, Sanders' income from a single film and writing was not enough to pay child support. In fact, the $33,800 (roughly $94,000 in today's dollars) salary as mayor was his first real full time employment. He doesn't even remember what type of regular work he did before. 
And so, his own child ended up on welfare because his father could not - no, would not - support his child despite having a college degree, which, at that time, was fairly rare.
That makes Bernie Sanders a deadbeat dad. Bernie Sanders' infatuation with his own political ambition kept him from supporting his own child.
Not fair? Sure it is. Tell me that had a black candidate for office neglected his child so he could run for office, this wouldn't be a huge issue. Tell me it wouldn't be plastered everywhere on the media if a woman candidate were to have been found doing this in their late 20s and 30s.
I have to say, Sanders was even worse than my ex-husband, who was also content to let me struggle along with our daughter with very little help from him. But my ex-husband didn't have a college degree. Bernie Sanders did.

But of course Sanders supporters don't care - they think it's cool he shafted his baby momma to focus only on what he found interesting, and let her struggle and go on welfare. And the last paragraph is so true - no black candidate or woman candidate would ever be forgiven for such selfishness. That is a white man privilege.