Mikki Kendall the bully

For a while a bigoted asshole named Mikki Kendall was riding high on social media fame, claiming that all white women are evil. She especially hated white women who were feminists.

That reminds me of Bob Reverend Bookburn's dead friend Caprizchka except that she didn't just hate white feminists, she hated all feminists. I explore this in my essay about her - I think Caprizchka projected all her own unwanted emotions - jealously, insecurity, fear of getting old - onto feminists. 

It took me a week to read her blog, and I think I understand her during her right-wing extremist phase better than Bob did. I seriously doubt Bob read her entire blog - but then Bob is one of the most self-absorbed, self-centered people I've ever known - and I used to think that about him when we were still friends. 

Luckily in 2014 The Nation ran an article by Michelle Goldberg (now writing op-eds at the NYTimes) called Feminism's Toxic Twitter Wars which described Mikki Kendall as a bully:

Mikki Kendall is unmoved by complaints about the repressive climate online. An Army veteran, graduate student and married mother of two in Chicago, Kendall is both famous and feared in Internet feminist circles. Mother Jones declared her one of the “13 Badass Women of 2013”—along with Wendy Davis and Malala Yousafzai—for her creation of the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag. But as Kendall well knows, many consider her a bully, though few want to say so out loud. “I kind of have a reputation for being mean,” she says.

After this article Kendall was no longer taken seriously by people outside her own little hate circle. 

It should be noted that Mikki Kendall attacked me because I defended John Lennon and Yoko Ono against charges of racism.

Bob Reverend Bookburn is a huge fan of Ono/Lennon

Does that mean that Mikki Kendall thinks Bob Reverend Bookburn is a racist?

In his most recent blog post, Bob Reverend Bookburn
discusses his love for the "racist" (according to Mikki Kendall)
John Lennon and Yoko Ono.


It is only one month away from DECEMBERTEENTH!


Buh-bye Susan

Susan Sarandon Sells Longtime New York Apartment The Chelsea duplex fetched its full asking price of $7.9 million

Of course Susan Sarandon isn't going anywhere, I'm sure she'll hang around as long as she can, getting and spending millions of dollars while attacking Democrats for failing to magically turn Americans into socialists.

But her promotion of third-party candidates and hatred of Democrats no longer aids and abets Republicans in bringing fascism to the United States through Trump. So she's much less dangerous now.

So she'll continue to be a multi-millionaire "socialist" by shilling for Big Pharma and Big Cosmetic, but nobody outside of her faaaar left fringe will have to care about her idiotic, misogynist opinions.

So how did Susan Sarandon's candidate, the sexual harasser Shahid Buttar do against Nancy Pelosi? 

He lost. By a lot.