Glenn loves Donald

In his continuing support for the Orange Traffic Cone of Treason, or Jabba the Gut (more names for the former guy here) former leftist and foul fetid POS Glenn Greenwald claims that reporters were never in any danger from the rampaging fascist mob sent to stop American democracy by Mango Unchained on January 6.

But if you're working for Trump/Putin, as Greenwald clearly is, the only sources you approve of are Fox News and Russia Times.

Of course Susan Sarandon likes to have fun joking around with this piece of shit. This is from a few days ago.

It's no joke that both Sarandon and Greenwald are multi-millionaires and together could afford to buy an island.

I am looking forward to the day when the massive wealth of Susan Sarandon and Glenn Greenwald is liberated and distributed among the proletariat.

UPDATE: Greenwald is also chummy with Megyn "Jesus and Santa were white" Kelly.