Glenn Greenwald takes the money and runs - to the far right

The Toronto-based upstart Rumble said Thursday that it has struck deals with former U.S. congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, the journalist firebrand Glenn Greenwald and others who had committed to posting their videos first to the site.

Rumble has emerged over the last year as one of the most prominent video sites for right-wing viewers and provocateurs, and it is seeking to bolster its image as a new online home for those who claim they’ve been censored by Big Tech.

While Greenwald’s inaugural video isn’t up on the site yet, Gabbard’s is, and she didn’t do much better than he did at getting a professional video set-up. In her video, shot portrait style on a phone with little respect paid to the background, she greets her new viewers and implores them to join her as she crusades against censorship. Honestly, pretty boring stuff. Now, if she were to invest in a DSLR and show me her skincare routine, that’s something I’d be interested in.

Who else already has content up, let’s see. Matt Orfalea, a YouTuber, has a video titled “Joe Biden Video Censored By Facebook Fact Checker” that was posted two days ago and has 140 views. It seems like this is all going really well for everyone.

Siraj Hashmi and Mujahed Kobbe, known as The Habibi Bros., are hosting their podcast of the same name on the platform. An episode from June is titled “How Anthony Fauci's emails proved he's a fraud,” so there’s the vibe. Nevermind that if a podcast is on video it no longer becomes a podcast, that ship has sailed far into the dark night. In their introductory video, they say that what they do is “eat ass and take names” and give “unfiltered” takes about culture.

I fully expect Greenwald's best buddy Susan Sarandon to join him on this far-right site. When she isn't attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Looking forward to the Glorious Revolution when Susan Sarandon's and Glenn Greenwald's millions will be liberated and distributed among the proletariat