The perfect shameless hypocrisy of Susan Sarandon

No wonder the people who love her are idiots - you'd have to be for it to not bother you that Sarandon is such a gigantic hypocrite.

Sarandon of course has taken money from Big Pharma to do voice-overs for Tylenol.


Katha Pollitt on Sarandon

I especially hate everyone who thought that electing a reactionary monster would be okay because it would—or could, or might, who can tell?—bring on the revolution. Looking at you, Susan Sarandon and Slavoj Zizek! You are idiots and my heart seethes with wrath against you. 

~ Katha Pollitt


What so many think about Sarandon

Democratic Underground

She has to be the single most self centered, morally superior and insufferable liberal I've ever had the misfortune to meet. This planet couldn't take one year of Trump, let alone four. Wouldn't it be great if all her wealth was suddenly wiped out, and she'd know how the rest of us live. I absolutely despise her and her ilk.