Celebrating one year of being Reverend Bookburn free

John Oliver did not have Bob Reverend Bookburn in mind
for this image from the musical "Eat Shit Bob"
but I do.

I will celebrate December 19 every year from now on because that is the day I became Reverend Bookburn free. 

As you can see below, Bob "Reverend Bookburn" had a meltdown on this day, one year ago, because I argued with his Twitter followers about Susan Sarandon.

This is him screaming at me right before he blocked me.

I assume he got a little befuddled there, in his rage, confusing Twitter with a "public Facebook page."

He hasn't been on Facebook for years because they wouldn't let him keep a Facebook profile under the name "Reverend Bookburn" so he threw a fit and quit.

We were friends for 41 years but he blocked me for the sake of a handful of rando Twitter followers he probably never met in person, because of Susan Sarandon.

He was a good friend of an unapologetic NEO-NAZI but he blocked me for criticizing Susan Sarandon.

He loves Susan Sarandon because she's such a deranged critic of Hillary Clinton, to the point of saying Clinton was "more dangerous" than Trump.

How's that working out, Susan Sarandon you idiot. Why is Susan Sarandon ALWAYS WRONG?

If you want somebody to do something for you and they will not (any longer) do it out of friendship, how do you handle it? You negotiate. You don't make it worse by throwing a year-long tantrum full of lies and misogyny.

Even after Bob Reverend Bookburn called me ugly and psycho and spewed outrageous lies about my personal life I was still considering letting the reverendbookburn.com domain name go. He could have had it back.

But now that he's begun libeling me on his web site he will never get it back.

I'm so glad I finally discovered what a horrible person he has always been.

I'm almost grateful to that idiot Susan Sarandon.

Happy December 19th!


The far left vs. women

Doug Henwood writes for The Nation and Jacobin and consistently shits on feminists and any women (except for Putin's stooge Jill Stein) looking for political power.

Doug Henwood's misogyny is typical of the far left. They want women to be earth mothers, just like Sarandon does, and know their place because feminism won't be necessary once the Glorious People's Revolution comes.


Trump & Reverend Bookburn: non-compliant women are crazy

Trump & the far left agree:
non-compliant women are insane
Misogynist men like to declare that women who do not agree with them - or even worse, oppose them and refuse to be groveling doormats - are insane.
Example one:
President Trump renewed his verbal attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, questioning her mental stability and fitness for office.  
"But I have to deal with crazy Nancy, she's crazy as a ... as a bed bug," Trump said during a nearly hourlong interview on Fox & Friends Friday morning. "She is nuts. 
Example two:
Reverend Bookburn: describing me as a "psycho" multiple times.
Nancy Pelosi stood up to Trump, so Trump calls her crazy.
I stood up to Reverend Bookburn, so he calls me psycho.
Regardless of political views, man-baby misogynists have much in common.

Now of course the kind of men who routinely call women who don't bow down to them "crazy" and "psycho" are also the kind of men who won't listen to what a woman has to say on the subject.

“Crazy” Women
The association between women’s behavior and being labeled “crazy” has a long and infamous history in Western culture. The word “hysteria” – defined as “behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic,” is derived from the ancient Greek word “hystera” – meaning uterus. Until the early 20th century, female hysteria was the official medical diagnosis for a truly massive array of symptoms in women including but not limited to: loss of appetite, nervousness, irritability, fluid retention, emotional excitability,  outbursts of negativity, excessive sexual desire and “a tendency to cause trouble”.


Happy Birthday Hillary!

Hillary Rodham Clinton's birthday was October 26.

Of course there are misogynist old men like Bob "Reverend Bookburn" and Donald Trump who are obsessed with hating Hillary Clinton.

And in keeping with the similarities between Trump and Bookburn, I see Bob is lying again:
To everyone who is not a psycho and has no learning impairment: This is not due to views or “criticizing” Susan Sarandon. This is due to multiple, undeniable acts of harassment, stalking and cyber bullying. And of course the fake site that bears my name.

OK Boomer.

This web site does not bear his name - the web site is called Sarandonphobe. The domain name is reverendbookburn which I was going to let expire this April so he could have it back. But since he is incapable of personal self-control - again like Trump - he can't stop attacking me, and in fact doubles and triples down. So why should I do him any favors?

The "harassment, stalking and cyber bullying" are flat out lies, and seem to derive from the fact that I briefly argued with his Twitter followers on Twitter about, of course, Susan Sarandon. Which was the reason he commanded me to stop talking to his Twitter followers, because I was arguing with them about Susan Sarandon. And it was the reason he blocked me on Twitter. So yes, it is an undeniable fact, no matter how much Bob Reverend Bookburn lies, that this was about him freaking out over my criticizing Susan Sarandon where "his" followers could see it.

And of course it was the reason I used the reverendbookburn domain name, which I paid for, to create a web site called Sarandonphobe.

It's especially bizarre that he accuses me of "cyber bullying" when he created a site for the sole purpose of attacking me, and which was removed, by Blogger, exactly because it violates its "anti-bullying and targeted harassment policy."

In other words, a neutral third-party, Blogger, declared Bob guilty of cyber bullying.

So just like Donald Trump, every Bob accusation is a confession.

And he's going to try to do it again, as he threatens on his blog:
Therefore, the (removed by Blogger) site shall return. Details to follow. 
What a pathetic, mentally confused, obsessive Bob has become.

I hope I don't have to end up suing him before he quits his obsession with publicly attacking me, which has gone on for almost a year now.

Hmmm women suing a man who constantly attacks them and lies about them. Who does that remind me of?


Susan Sarandon is a stupid shameless hypocrite - AGAIN!

You have to admire Susan Sarandon's persistence - she NEVER stops being a stupid shameless hypocrite. Here she is retweeting an article critical of Ellen DeGeneres for being friendly to Bush.

Now most Susan Sarandon fans are stupid and ignorant and have the memories of goldfish. But the rest of us do remember that Susan Sarandon voted for Jill Stein.

Here is who Jill Stein is friendly with.

Although as a proud member of the dirtbag left, it's likely that Sarandon thinks Bush is worse than Putin, a vicious, murderous, plutocratic dictator who did all he could to get Trump elected. 

If it turned out that Stein - and Sarandon - were on Putin's payroll I would not be surprised.


The far left alignment with Russia

It was reported exactly how much Putin was working for Trump today:
Kremlin-directed operatives opened champagne when Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, according to a communication disclosed in a new Senate Intelligence Committee report outlining Russia’s sweeping social media efforts to help him win.
“We uncorked a tiny bottle of champagne ... took one gulp each and looked into each other’s eyes .... We uttered almost in unison: ‘We made America great,’” one operative at the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency said in the message obtained by the Republican-led committee.
You have to wonder if Susan Sarandon popped champagne too.

Another far-left HRC-hating freak and some-time Jacobin contributor Doug Henwood, came up with an excuse to support Trump and oppose Democrats.

Henwood also defended Trump against "the prudes."

Here is Henwood expressing his admiration for murderous plutocrat dictator Vladimir Putin.

The New Yorker ran a profile of Henwood and his equally shitty wife Liza Featherstone in 2017 featuring their love of Russia.
The leftist power couple ordered Lagunitas I.P.A.s. “At no point would I have enjoyed living in the Soviet Union,” Featherstone said. “The seventies were pretty comfortable,” Henwood rejoined, pulling out his iPhone to share a 1978 photograph of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev lounging in turquoise swimwear. Featherstone was summoned to the podium, where she delivered a meditation on the complexities at the intersection of B.D.S.M. and feminism. Forty-six hundred and sixty-three miles away, in Moscow, Vladimir Lenin rolled over in his mausoleum.
There are some serious shit-heads on the far left. They never miss a chance to shit on liberals and Democrats even - or in Henwood's case especially - if it aids and abets the Right.


Kathy Bates helps me celebrate Blogger standards

Kathy Bates, who starred in the movie "Misery" is here to celebrate with me the fact that Blogger has an anti-bullying and targeted harassment policy which resulted in Bob Reverend Bookburn's blog, created expressly to attack me personally, being removed.

So sorry Bob Reverend Bookburn. Maybe you'll have better luck with the misogynist gang on Gab.


Donald Trump sure hates Debra Messing

He doesn't seem to have a problem with Susan Sarandon though. How about that. Could it be because Susan Sarandon said this?

"I believe in a way she is more dangerous," Sarandon suggested without mentioning Trump's name, after Chariton asked her why Clinton's foreign policy went largely unchallenged during the Democratic primary.
"She did not learn from Iraq, and she is an interventionist, and she has done horrible things, and very callously, I don't know if she is overcompensating or what her trip is," Sarandon said, adding, "I think we'll be in Iran in two seconds." 
"So I'm curious to see if anyone brings up these things," she continued.
"But this is what we're fed. 'He's so dangerous. He's so dangerous,'" Sarandon said, shrugging off Trump's most controversial rhetoric as too implausible to be considered a serious threat.

Sarandon is the perfect poster girl for the delusional purity freaks who worship Bernie Sanders. They are so extreme, so delusional, that, like "Reverend Bookburn" they can't tell the difference between linking to actual journalism in the New York Times and linking to a racist rag like Quillette which has no reporting and instead all opinions - and mostly extreme right-wing opinions.

The New York Times, considered part of the "liberal media" by the Right, sometimes does publish things I disagree with. But that is more than made up for by things like the 1619 project, which Sanders supporters don't pay attention to, but I have been linking to a lot from my anti-racism web site.

But when you are an extremist a right-wing race rag and the NYTimes are exactly the same.

This is why the kind of people who love Bernie Sanders never actually change anything for the better.  They can't tell the difference between good-but-not-perfect and evil. So they rage against people like Hillary Clinton on their irrelevant blogs.

And people who have actual influence like Susan Sarandon, end up helping Trump.

The people who worship Bernie Sanders think of him as a kind of Gandalf. Unlike that bum Obama, who didn't make all their socialist dreams come true, they actually believe that all Sanders has to do to turn the US socialist is to get elected president. He's barely accomplished anything in the Senate, but they think that Bernie is Magic.

He's not magic, and if he was elected he would not make all their dreams come true. And then they would hate him too.

But Sanders supporters are so devoted to their purity that they would rather have Trump than Clinton and they find themselves on the same side as Trump, as in their Sarandon-cult hatred of Debra Messing.

It's clear that Fox News considers Sarandon their champion in her conflict with Messing. They even mention Sarandon's comment about Clinton being more dangerous. Sarandon's insane purity politics is the perfect example of the horseshoe theory. And of course her internalized misogyny makes her a darling of the Right.


Why does Reverend Bookburn support MRAs?

Susan Sarandon supports the Squad but Bob's
deceased friend, right-wing extremist "Caprizchka"
would have hated their guts. 
Reverend Bookburn libels me, falsely claiming I'm a "psycho" and unemployed because back in December 2018 I:
a. criticized Susan Sarandon to some of his rando friends on Twitter 
b. when he retaliated I took back the reverendbookburn.com domain name I set up and paid for.
He likes to imagine his right-wing extremist asshole friend Caprizchka up in heaven "laughing hysterically."

But of course she would be - Trump is president. That would have been her dream come true, if she had lived to see it. Every single attack on a person of color, on immigrants, or Muslims, every single charge of pussygrabbing against Trump, Caprizchka would have been cackling about what a great manly-man Donald Trump is.

Caprizchka absolutely hated feminists. She was a ranting, frothing rightwing freak on the subject.

Here is a choice paragraph:
However, to hear history from Feminists, women have always been systematically oppressed by government and a secret cabal known as “The Patriarchy,” which together conspire to keep women from achievement in the social and political realms and from happiness itself. This narrative ignores all oppression of men, which is the norm for all but a tiny percentage. It also oddly ignores the role of religion while not owning its apparently anti-religious stance so as to ensure that all women—even religious ones—adopt the “Feminism” mantle.
I've run into this kind of idiocy from other right-wingers on Twitter - this claim that "patriarchy" is some kind of myth invented by feminists. The term was first used in 1692 and used by anthropologists to describe real, past and present social arrangements. It wasn't invented by third-wave feminists.

Caprizchka had some awful things to say about Black Lives Matter too:
In addition, a fair amount of both funding and personnel in Black Lives Matter has an Islamic flavor, with cop killers thus far being overwhelmingly Islamic influenced. A lot of that conversion occurs in prison. 
Similarly, Communist/Socialist elements to include Feminism and LGBT advocacy by default or design serve Islamic creep by hamstringing competitive interests such as Fundamentalist Christianity.
She was a raging misogynist, a racist, an Islamaphobe, anti-socialist, anti-left and even suggests LGBT advocacy serves "Islamic creep."

And here she explains how rape isn't really rape. No doubt she would have defended Trump against all the charges of rape.

She hated everything that Reverend Bookburn claims to stand for.

And yet he thought she was awesome.

Maybe because he has no personal nor political integrity. Or maybe, like many older men, like my ex-friend Matt, he has become a right-winger & MRA. After all, he did promote the rightwing rag Quillette, which is also anti-feminist, anti-left, anti-socialist, anti-Muslim, anti-trans and racist. Just like good old Caprizchka.

I'm just sorry I didn't wise up sooner and stop being his friend long ago. I wasted time and money on promoting an absolute shit-head and his ever-more obsolescent creepy old baby-boomer web site.


Susan Sarandon & how to use "mental health issues" as an insult

Remember when Susan Sarandon said that Hillary Clinton was more dangerous than Donald Trump?

I guess since Susan Sarandon hasn't had to worry about pregnancy for a long time, it's no problem for her if Trump destroys abortion rights.

Many people remember what an asshole Sarandon was.

My former friend Bob was once a professional social worker. I don't know much about his career but now I have to wonder. This is part of a rant of his last week:
If the mental health issues were the only variable, we would not be laughing. X is functional and able to work and manage her life. Fortunately, she does not work for the State Department or United Nations. The thought of her adding to the madness of John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and other fellow jihadists would make an even worse episode on the Lifetime Channel. So there is no pass regarding possible and treatable mental health issues. She is responsible for her attitude towards life and choices she has made. She is responsible for how she turned out as a person, as a parent, as a writer, as a harasser, as a psychostalker, as a fake website operator. 
As he admits, I manage my life just fine, in spite of his Bizarro World hyperbole like "fellow jihadists" and "psychostalker."

He knows I don't have mental health issues. So he is using "mental health issues" here as an insult.

Because that's what former social workers do, I guess: use "mental health issues" as an insult.

So why exactly is he ranting that I have "mental health issues"? Because I disagree with his belief that Hillary Clinton is the devil incarnate and that Susan Sarandon is a humble woman of the people who did the right thing by claiming Clinton would be worse than Trump.

Also I have a problem with the double-standard that says that Hillary Clinton is a monster for giving a speech at Goldman Sachs but Susan Sarandon is still a saint no matter that she's done commercials for big pharma.

He's also mad because I argued with his rando Clinton-hating extremist Twitter followers about Clinton and Sarandon and Bernie Sanders. If you know anything about Twitter you know at least 50% of it is people arguing politics. Also, his followers argued right back and had the right to respond however they wanted - they could have blocked me or muted me or choose to keep arguing. They have a right to decide how to respond on Twitter without Bob controlling them.

But Bob commanded me to stop talking to "his" people like the authoritarian he would be if given half a chance.

He's also mad at me because after he insulted me and lied about me and blocked me, I had the nerve to take back the "reverendbookburn.com" domain name that I set up and paid for. Because he apparently believed he could treat me like absolute shit and I should just take it, without any pushback. I had been his faithful website servant for all these years and suddenly the servant rebelled. This obviously blew his mind, hence the ranting and man-baby tantrums, very reminiscent, in my opinion, of Donald Trump when he doesn't get his way.

My former friend Bob is one of the most self-absorbed, self-centered people I've ever known (and I've worked with actors for the past twenty years), as well as being an arrested adolescent, so I think part of it is just his personality. But I think it's also the sexism - in our sexist culture any woman who disagrees with a man is called "crazy."

Bob's late friend "Caprizchka" really did have mental health issues, but Bob never talked about that as far as I can tell. I guess saying someone has "mental health issues" is only worthwhile if they really don't have them, but you want to use it as an insult.

Caprizchka was also, at the end of her life, a right-wing extremist. Or in her own words a "regressive authoritarian, anti-universalist separatist, and male-supremacist."

Caprizchka was also a Trump fan. For some reason being a Trump fan is not as bad as being a Hillary Clinton supporter, to Bob. So Bob and Susan Sarandon have even more in common than I realized.

Although Caprizchka also hated Bernie Sanders, which you might expect from a rightwing extremist.


We won't forget what a creep Bernie Sanders was in 2016

Oh the man-baby drama!
And 100% bullshit - "stalking" - meaning
I argued with them. He used to encourage me when
I argued with anti-abortion protestors -
which I guess he would call "stalking" now.

I ended up blocking many people on Facebook during the 2016 election, because they were such assholes about Hillary Clinton. Some people I had admired, some I had known since high school. It really was an enlightening period of time.

I realize now that the only reason I remained on good terms with my former friend Bob - AKA "Reverend Bookburn" until December 2018 is because neither of us was paying attention to what the other was up to, and although I would sometimes be asked by Bob to fix something or other related to the Reverend Bookburn web site, and I was paying for the reverendbookburn.com domain name every year - which is why I have it now - he never read my blog ever. Because he just didn't give a shit.

Now he could have tried to negotiate with me when we parted ways, and offered to pay me back for the reverendbookburn.com domain name and have me transfer it over to him - but that would be much too reasonable for a gigantic man-baby so instead he launched personal attacks against me in his man-baby tantrum:

I said the porno pinups he frequently posts on Twitter were gross because they were fake-looking - so he insulted my appearance. I guess because he feels like he has such a close relationship with the porno people he felt it was a personal insult against himself that I said they were gross.

He posted bullshit about my life from thirty-eight years ago, like anybody gives a shit what happened to old people thirty-eight years ago. But I don't think there was a purpose, he just wanted to be as nasty as possible.

He teamed up with Twitter randos to insult me.

He sided with my semi-deadbeat-dad of an ex-husband who let me raise our daughter with very little financial assistance from him except for a few occasions  - not nearly enough to make up for my share of the eighteen years, nor did he pay a dime for her college - I finally finished paying off the loans I took out in the past year. In fact on several occasions he borrowed money from our daughter once she became an adult.

And I only found out recently that when I finally did allow our daughter to spend summers with my ex - because I felt she was old enough to take care of herself - he used to take her with him on his drug runs.

I guess Bob would support my ex no matter what, because they were bros together in high school and bros before hos, which I believe is the Berniebro code.

Although, ironically, my daughter tells me that my ex-husband was also harshly critical of Sanders supporters, to my immense surprise. Maybe, unlike my ex-friend, my ex-husband has grown intellectually and emotionally during the twenty-first century.

Here is a blog post (below) that I ran in May 2016 about what a creep Bernie Sanders and his supporters were. I think many Hillary supporters - who are more numerous than Sanders supporters among Democrats since she did win the nomination - will not soon forgot their viciousness, the same kind of viciousness I found in my former friend Bob when I finally stopped being in denial about who he really was.

May 19, 2016

I was waiting for somebody to finally vet the claims of Sanders and his goon squad that there was official misconduct on the part of the Nevada Democrats. Well Politifact finally weighed in:

There’s no clear evidence of a chair being thrown, but the post-adjournment attitude was tense with Sanders delegates screaming obscenities and pushing back barriers between the crowd and the main stage.

Our ruling
Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Nevada Democratic Party leaders "hijacked the process on the floor" of the state convention "ignoring the regular procedure and ramming through what they wanted to do."
Caucuses and delegate math can be incredibly confusing, and the arcane party structures don’t reflect how most people assume presidential selection works.
But the howls of unfairness and corruption by the Sanders campaign during Nevada’s state Democratic Convention can’t change the simple fact that Clinton’s supporters simply turned out in larger numbers and helped her solidify her delegate lead in Nevada.
There’s no clear evidence the state party "hijacked" the process or ignored "regular procedure."
We rate this claim False.

It would have been bad enough that Sanders supporters acted this way - but the Sanders campaign itself, lead by Sanders and his bitchy, shade-throwing response to the incidents - stoked the belief that misconduct had justified the outrage and screaming at Democratic women.

Bernie Sanders is a demagogue who will stop at nothing to get attention even if he can't win the nomination. He and his goon squad are shameless, reckless liars who encouraged the targeting of people in a political party that Sanders claims to be a member of and women were the targets of misogynist insults and death threats.  And this was based on a calculated tactic by Sanders to drum up false outrage.

He would not be as bad as Donald Trump as president - almost nobody could - but he is a horrible person and would make a horrible president.

Meanwhile it looks as though there may be some repercussions for the goon squad.

And speaking of Bernie Sanders horrible character, a very interesting piece from back in October about Sanders from someone who knew him back in the day:

"Considering that the Free Press' editorial positions were very liberal, reflecting the nature of a very liberal Vermont community, one might think that meetings with Sanders were cordial, even celebratory.
They weren't. Sanders was always full of himself: pious, self-righteous and utterly humorless. Burdened by the cross of his socialist crusade, he was a scold whose counter-culture moralizing appealed to the state's liberal sensibilities as well as its conservatives, who embraced his gun ownership stance, his defense of individual rights, an antipathy toward big corporations and, generally speaking, his stick-it-to-them approach to politics. 
My most memorable encounter with Sanders was during an editorial board session during a period when the Vermont Progressive Party was reconstituting itself to challenge for more seats on the Burlington City Council. 
Sanders had been mayor of Burlington from 1981 until 1989, institutionalizing progressive government in the city and other Vermont enclaves. Although he has been in Washington since his election to the House of Representatives in 1991, he remained the titular head of the movement, yet refused to endorse a progressive slate seeking City Council seats or the new leadership orchestrating the campaigns.
After discussing his favorite issues — corporations, government reform, health care and the like, I asked about his unwillingness to endorse his fellow progressives. He said it wasn't his role. I suggested voters might expect him to weigh in. He disagreed, clearly annoyed at the persistent questioning. Finally I suggested that he had a larger moral responsibility to the progressive movement.
At which point he jumped out of his seat, told me to go f*** myself and stormed out of the edit board meeting. OK, maybe my persistence bordered on hectoring. But I felt he ought to provide an honest answer. My suspicion was that he resented others for assuming his mantle of progressive leadership and wouldn't acknowledge them."


I am Bernie J Sanders, millionaire

My name is Bernie J Sanders, millionaire.
I own a mansion and a yacht.
The brocialist left hates Hillary Clinton for being rich.

It turn out that Bernie Sanders is a millionaire.

Bernie Sanders, Now a Millionaire, Pledges to Release Tax Returns by Monday

Although that was kind of obvious when he bought his third house.

So here's how it works with brocialists: if you're an old white man who wants to be president, it doesn't matter if you're a millionaire. 

If you're a movie star like Susan Sarandon who worships Bernie Sanders it doesn't matter that you're a multi-millionaire who earned some of the money shilling for Big Pharma. You aren't looking for power for yourself, you know your place.

But a woman wanting to be POTUS and has money? BERN THE WITCH!

That's the misogyny logic of brocialists. 


Why won't Bernie Sanders release his tax returns?

From The Intercept:

One possibility behind Sanders’s hesitancy is that the returns may show that he made actual money from his book about his 2016 campaign, and is now one of the millionaires, though not billionaires, that he routinely calls out. But the independent senator from Vermont resisted releasing his returns long before he published “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” a New York Times best-seller. As a protest candidate in the last cycle, he barely campaigned until December 2015, only hitting the trail when the Senate was out of session. He didn’t expect to win the nomination, so he didn’t bother with releasing what he considered to be mundane tax returns that would just back up his financial disclosures. The louder the media demanded his returns, the more convinced he became that the issue was manufactured trivia.

From New York Magazine:

At a time when the longstanding chorus of Democratic demands to see Donald Trump’s tax returns is reaching a crescendo (and extending into congressional requests to the IRS for the documents), there’s a bit of an embarrassing sideshow going on. One of the top candidates for the nomination to oppose Trump, Bernie Sanders, has been conspicuously dragging his feet on disclosing his own tax returns, for years. 
The saga has been going on for a good while, as CNN reports: 
Bernie Sanders has effectively been running for president steadily since, at least, 2015. And over all that time — which now spans two campaigns for president — we’ve seen exactly one year of his tax returns. In the 2016 campaign, Sanders released the two summary pages of his 2014 returns only. He said he would release a more robust tax history if he became the Democratic nominee, which, well, didn’t happen. By contrast, Hillary Clinton released eight years of returns — spanning 2007-2014 — in August 2015. A year later, in the midst of the general election against Donald Trump, Clinton released her 2015 return.

Washington Post:

 Enough with the excuses. It’s time for Sanders to release his tax returns.
It has been more than a month since Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told a national audience during a CNN town hall that he would release 10 years of his personal taxes “soon,” adding, “We have to do just a few little more things.” Five weeks later, it seems those “little” things still aren’t done; he told CBS on Sunday that “we have it all done and it’s just a question of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.” 
Enough with the excuses, Senator. These sorts of shenanigans — and make no mistake, that’s exactly what they are at this point — both reduce the pressure on cowardly congressional Democrats to pursue President Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns, and endanger Democrats’ hopes of taking back the presidency in 2020. The progressive positions that Sanders champions, including Medicare-for-all, expanded Social Security and increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, are much too important to both the future of our country and our own personal finances to risk them over tax returns.


American men who participate in slavery

This article in the NYTimes The Monsters Are the Men is a reminder that all these men who go to these "massage" places staffed by Asian women know damn well that the women are being trafficked and are forced into prostitution - and they just don't care.

Or maybe they like it - maybe they get off on the fact that these poor human beings are forced to service them. Certainly we know that a significant number of men don't require intimacy or a relationship in order to have sex - just a collection of warm holes is all they require. I think having sex without intimacy, far from being a sign of awesome free-thinking free-love liberation is a sign of sociopathy.

But it's a good indicator for the "real doll" industry which might put a serious dent in the trafficking of live human beings. As long as you can get the real dolls to say some basic sentences they will fulfill everything that many men need in a sex partner.

In the meantime all these men are participating in slavery and they are truly evil.
Beyond the lurid celebrity connection, however, lies the wretched story of women who police believe were brought from China under false promises of new lives and legitimate spa jobs. Instead, they found themselves trapped in the austere back rooms of strip-mall brothels — trafficking victims trapped among South Florida’s rich and famous. 
“I don’t believe they were told they were going to work in massage parlors seven days a week, having unprotected sex with up to 1,000 men a year,” said Sheriff William D. Snyder of Martin County, whose office opened the investigation. “We saw them eating on hot plates in the back. There were no washing machines. They were sleeping on the massage tables.”


Putin's personal news media outlet defends Jill Stein

Because of course they would. I'd be willing to bet that if you took a poll of Sarandon cultists who voted for Stein, asking who they disliked more, Hillary Clinton or Putin, they'd say they like Putin, a murderous dictator, more.

Of course a certain percentage of Jill Stein supporters actually are Putinbots.
The report showed a clear pattern in the election interference campaign of using anti-Hillary Clinton Twitter personas that 'expressed pro-Bernie Sanders and pro-Jill Stein sentiments,' according to CNN. 
Nothing in either of the leaked reports points to Jill Stein being aware or directly involved in the influence campaign, but Stein has had a cushy relationship with Russian state-run media such as RT.


Reverend Bookburn - a fan of alt-right Quillette

I should have known this would happen eventually.

"Reverend Bookburn" is such an idiot he retweets a story from alt-right Quillette.

Because of course if they are pro-psychedelics it doesn't matter if their editorial positions include:

  • Anti-Muslim
  • Anti-Feminist
  • Anti-Socialist
  • Anti-Trans
  • Pro-Race Science

I've been blogging about the awfulness of Quillette for over a year - but that shows you how much Reverend Bookburn paid attention to anything I did - until we stopped being friends.

It's possible this isn't pure idiocy -  it's possible that he's become alt-right. As I noted, he had no problem with his friend who was a fan of Gavin McInnes - McInnes is connected to Canada's far right "Rebel Media" - just like the founder of Quillette, Claire Lehmann.

But it could be even worse than that - it's possible Reverend Bookburn thinks Claire Lehmann is attractive and that's why he doesn't care she's a fucking right-wing asshole POS and why he's retweeting garbage from garbage Quillette.

Jesus fucking Christ, I am so soooo glad I am done with that fucking moron.

Yes the Reverend Bookburn is a complete asshole

My ex-friend Bob, aka "Reverend Bookburn" keeps checking out my web site daily - it's easy enough to see through web analytics. But he calls me a "psychostalker." But of course he's never going to stop being a sleazy hypocrite.

But since I am not interested much in what he's up to, I only check once in awhile, and didn't see his post from February 2 until today. From the latest idiocy of "Reverend Bookburn."
Lol. In my view, the most revealing was the part about “plastic porno barbies.” Not supporting Saint Hillary can get one labeled a “mysogynist,” but this kind of hate is apparently ok. In one communication, the “barbies” were called “gross.” That's like trump saying that someone else has funny hair. 
Oh - LOL - the word "Brocialism" 
No. I speak from experience. You don't want to feed your psychostalker.
Of course he's too chickenshit to say anything directly to me because he's a sneak and a coward - two things I've always known about him but because I liked (some of) his politics I ignored it for decades.

As far as the plastic porno barbies - the "Reverend Bookburn" is an admirer of women who make a living in porno and who all look the same - very much like the graphic on his web site of the blondes watching Jesus dance -  and who are about as fake looking as you could possibly be - fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake fake fake.

As far as his implying that I'm gross, it's because like so many men his age, Bob thinks that women age (except if they have tons of plastic surgery like Susan Sarandon) but men don't and he never looks in the mirror.

And he thinks that if a much younger woman - like say a physical therapist - smiles at him it's because she secretly thinks he's attractive rather than the truth - because he's paying her.

I was so repulsed when he sent me a photo of himself with his physical therapist like she was some trophy. And the sexual name he gave her - I can imagine how she talked to her friends about the nasty old man she had to be nice to while he gave her a sex-worker name when she was trying to do her medical job. She and her friends probably talk about Bob the way the young women talked about Charlie "crusty paw" Rose.

Anyway, if you talk about me again online I will post the photo you sent which includes the sex-worker name you called your poor physical therapist - I'll hide her face of course, she doesn't deserve to be publicly associated with you.

There's nothing so delusional as a creepy sleazy 60-something man.


Response to Reverend Bookburn

"Reverend Bookburn" writes:
We're giving a mini-posting to celebrate the new year and link a special New Years Show (below)
We were sabotaged at a past site due to a disturbed person. We need Bookburners to get the word out that this is the real Rev. Bookburn site. The sabotage was done for the purpose of spreading hate to Susan Sarandon, as well as promoting unconditional devotion for the corporate, fossil-fueled brand of the Democratic Party.
If anybody has unconditional love for a corporate brand it's Reverend Bookburn who adores Susan Sarandon so blindly that it doesn't bother him that she's incredibly wealthy in part by doing commercials for corporations like Johnson and Johnson (Tylenol ads) and L'Oreal.

The hypocrisy is absolutely mind-boggling.

What "Rev Bookburn" doesn't mention was that the "disturbed person" set up and maintained his website for over a decade and created - for free of course - the current Reverend Bookburn logo.

That's why it was so easy to "sabotage" the Reverend Bookburn site - I did all the work and PAID FOR the Reverend Bookburn domain name.

But being incredibly self-centered and resenting people who do the actual work is who "Reverend Bookburn" has always been. Much like Bernie Sanders attacks the Democratic Party but was happy to leech off us when he thought it would give him power. Much like Sanders used to leech off his landlord's electricity even though he was a college-educated white man in the 1970s and could have gotten a decent-paying job. But he'd rather devote himself to writing for political magazines that didn't pay anything.

I've known many men like Bernie Sanders in my youth - my ex-husband was one of them. So is the Reverend Bookburn.

I am thrilled I am no longer in denial about it.

Please note that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who brocialists like Reverend Bookburn adore so much - is a Democrat.

Susan Sarandon is the face of Berniebro handmaidens - AOC is the face of Democratic women. Here she is dancing, looking like a real woman, not like the plastic porno Barbie dolls that Reverend Bookburn loves so much.

The best part of the story - Reverend Bookburn freaked out because the "disturbed person" criticized Susan Sarandon, but he was friends to the end of her life with "Caprizchka" (real name Laura Garth) a far-right extremist who loved neo-Nazi misogynist racists Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannapoulos. But he never called her "disturbed" for some reason. I guess that shows what Reverend Bookburn's priorities really are. And I'm glad I'm no longer in denial about that either.