Yes the Reverend Bookburn is a complete asshole

My ex-friend Bob, aka "Reverend Bookburn" keeps checking out my web site daily - it's easy enough to see through web analytics. But he calls me a "psychostalker." But of course he's never going to stop being a sleazy hypocrite.

But since I am not interested much in what he's up to, I only check once in awhile, and didn't see his post from February 2 until today. From the latest idiocy of "Reverend Bookburn."
Lol. In my view, the most revealing was the part about “plastic porno barbies.” Not supporting Saint Hillary can get one labeled a “mysogynist,” but this kind of hate is apparently ok. In one communication, the “barbies” were called “gross.” That's like trump saying that someone else has funny hair. 
Oh - LOL - the word "Brocialism" 
No. I speak from experience. You don't want to feed your psychostalker.
Of course he's too chickenshit to say anything directly to me because he's a sneak and a coward - two things I've always known about him but because I liked (some of) his politics I ignored it for decades.

As far as the plastic porno barbies - the "Reverend Bookburn" is an admirer of women who make a living in porno and who all look the same - very much like the graphic on his web site of the blondes watching Jesus dance -  and who are about as fake looking as you could possibly be - fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake fake fake.

As far as his implying that I'm gross, it's because like so many men his age, Bob thinks that women age (except if they have tons of plastic surgery like Susan Sarandon) but men don't and he never looks in the mirror.

And he thinks that if a much younger woman - like say a physical therapist - smiles at him it's because she secretly thinks he's attractive rather than the truth - because he's paying her.

I was so repulsed when he sent me a photo of himself with his physical therapist like she was some trophy. And the sexual name he gave her - I can imagine how she talked to her friends about the nasty old man she had to be nice to while he gave her a sex-worker name when she was trying to do her medical job. She and her friends probably talk about Bob the way the young women talked about Charlie "crusty paw" Rose.

Anyway, if you talk about me again online I will post the photo you sent which includes the sex-worker name you called your poor physical therapist - I'll hide her face of course, she doesn't deserve to be publicly associated with you.

There's nothing so delusional as a creepy sleazy 60-something man.