Susan Sarandon & how to use "mental health issues" as an insult

Remember when Susan Sarandon said that Hillary Clinton was more dangerous than Donald Trump?

I guess since Susan Sarandon hasn't had to worry about pregnancy for a long time, it's no problem for her if Trump destroys abortion rights.

Many people remember what an asshole Sarandon was.

My former friend Bob was once a professional social worker. I don't know much about his career but now I have to wonder. This is part of a rant of his last week:
If the mental health issues were the only variable, we would not be laughing. X is functional and able to work and manage her life. Fortunately, she does not work for the State Department or United Nations. The thought of her adding to the madness of John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and other fellow jihadists would make an even worse episode on the Lifetime Channel. So there is no pass regarding possible and treatable mental health issues. She is responsible for her attitude towards life and choices she has made. She is responsible for how she turned out as a person, as a parent, as a writer, as a harasser, as a psychostalker, as a fake website operator. 
As he admits, I manage my life just fine, in spite of his Bizarro World hyperbole like "fellow jihadists" and "psychostalker."

He knows I don't have mental health issues. So he is using "mental health issues" here as an insult.

Because that's what former social workers do, I guess: use "mental health issues" as an insult.

So why exactly is he ranting that I have "mental health issues"? Because I disagree with his belief that Hillary Clinton is the devil incarnate and that Susan Sarandon is a humble woman of the people who did the right thing by claiming Clinton would be worse than Trump.

Also I have a problem with the double-standard that says that Hillary Clinton is a monster for giving a speech at Goldman Sachs but Susan Sarandon is still a saint no matter that she's done commercials for big pharma.

He's also mad because I argued with his rando Clinton-hating extremist Twitter followers about Clinton and Sarandon and Bernie Sanders. If you know anything about Twitter you know at least 50% of it is people arguing politics. Also, his followers argued right back and had the right to respond however they wanted - they could have blocked me or muted me or choose to keep arguing. They have a right to decide how to respond on Twitter without Bob controlling them.

But Bob commanded me to stop talking to "his" people like the authoritarian he would be if given half a chance.

He's also mad at me because after he insulted me and lied about me and blocked me, I had the nerve to take back the "reverendbookburn.com" domain name that I set up and paid for. Because he apparently believed he could treat me like absolute shit and I should just take it, without any pushback. I had been his faithful website servant for all these years and suddenly the servant rebelled. This obviously blew his mind, hence the ranting and man-baby tantrums, very reminiscent, in my opinion, of Donald Trump when he doesn't get his way.

My former friend Bob is one of the most self-absorbed, self-centered people I've ever known (and I've worked with actors for the past twenty years), as well as being an arrested adolescent, so I think part of it is just his personality. But I think it's also the sexism - in our sexist culture any woman who disagrees with a man is called "crazy."

Bob's late friend "Caprizchka" really did have mental health issues, but Bob never talked about that as far as I can tell. I guess saying someone has "mental health issues" is only worthwhile if they really don't have them, but you want to use it as an insult.

Caprizchka was also, at the end of her life, a right-wing extremist. Or in her own words a "regressive authoritarian, anti-universalist separatist, and male-supremacist."

Caprizchka was also a Trump fan. For some reason being a Trump fan is not as bad as being a Hillary Clinton supporter, to Bob. So Bob and Susan Sarandon have even more in common than I realized.

Although Caprizchka also hated Bernie Sanders, which you might expect from a rightwing extremist.