Susan Sarandon is a stupid shameless hypocrite - AGAIN!

You have to admire Susan Sarandon's persistence - she NEVER stops being a stupid shameless hypocrite. Here she is retweeting an article critical of Ellen DeGeneres for being friendly to Bush.

Now most Susan Sarandon fans are stupid and ignorant and have the memories of goldfish. But the rest of us do remember that Susan Sarandon voted for Jill Stein.

Here is who Jill Stein is friendly with.

Although as a proud member of the dirtbag left, it's likely that Sarandon thinks Bush is worse than Putin, a vicious, murderous, plutocratic dictator who did all he could to get Trump elected. 

If it turned out that Stein - and Sarandon - were on Putin's payroll I would not be surprised.