Happy Birthday Hillary!

Hillary Rodham Clinton's birthday was October 26.

Of course there are misogynist old men like Bob "Reverend Bookburn" and Donald Trump who are obsessed with hating Hillary Clinton.

And in keeping with the similarities between Trump and Bookburn, I see Bob is lying again:
To everyone who is not a psycho and has no learning impairment: This is not due to views or “criticizing” Susan Sarandon. This is due to multiple, undeniable acts of harassment, stalking and cyber bullying. And of course the fake site that bears my name.

OK Boomer.

This web site does not bear his name - the web site is called Sarandonphobe. The domain name is reverendbookburn which I was going to let expire this April so he could have it back. But since he is incapable of personal self-control - again like Trump - he can't stop attacking me, and in fact doubles and triples down. So why should I do him any favors?

The "harassment, stalking and cyber bullying" are flat out lies, and seem to derive from the fact that I briefly argued with his Twitter followers on Twitter about, of course, Susan Sarandon. Which was the reason he commanded me to stop talking to his Twitter followers, because I was arguing with them about Susan Sarandon. And it was the reason he blocked me on Twitter. So yes, it is an undeniable fact, no matter how much Bob Reverend Bookburn lies, that this was about him freaking out over my criticizing Susan Sarandon where "his" followers could see it.

And of course it was the reason I used the reverendbookburn domain name, which I paid for, to create a web site called Sarandonphobe.

It's especially bizarre that he accuses me of "cyber bullying" when he created a site for the sole purpose of attacking me, and which was removed, by Blogger, exactly because it violates its "anti-bullying and targeted harassment policy."

In other words, a neutral third-party, Blogger, declared Bob guilty of cyber bullying.

So just like Donald Trump, every Bob accusation is a confession.

And he's going to try to do it again, as he threatens on his blog:
Therefore, the (removed by Blogger) site shall return. Details to follow. 
What a pathetic, mentally confused, obsessive Bob has become.

I hope I don't have to end up suing him before he quits his obsession with publicly attacking me, which has gone on for almost a year now.

Hmmm women suing a man who constantly attacks them and lies about them. Who does that remind me of?