Celebrating one year of being Reverend Bookburn free

John Oliver did not have Bob Reverend Bookburn in mind
for this image from the musical "Eat Shit Bob"
but I do.

I will celebrate December 19 every year from now on because that is the day I became Reverend Bookburn free. 

As you can see below, Bob "Reverend Bookburn" had a meltdown on this day, one year ago, because I argued with his Twitter followers about Susan Sarandon.

This is him screaming at me right before he blocked me.

I assume he got a little befuddled there, in his rage, confusing Twitter with a "public Facebook page."

He hasn't been on Facebook for years because they wouldn't let him keep a Facebook profile under the name "Reverend Bookburn" so he threw a fit and quit.

We were friends for 41 years but he blocked me for the sake of a handful of rando Twitter followers he probably never met in person, because of Susan Sarandon.

He was a good friend of an unapologetic NEO-NAZI but he blocked me for criticizing Susan Sarandon.

He loves Susan Sarandon because she's such a deranged critic of Hillary Clinton, to the point of saying Clinton was "more dangerous" than Trump.

How's that working out, Susan Sarandon you idiot. Why is Susan Sarandon ALWAYS WRONG?

If you want somebody to do something for you and they will not (any longer) do it out of friendship, how do you handle it? You negotiate. You don't make it worse by throwing a year-long tantrum full of lies and misogyny.

Even after Bob Reverend Bookburn called me ugly and psycho and spewed outrageous lies about my personal life I was still considering letting the reverendbookburn.com domain name go. He could have had it back.

But now that he's begun libeling me on his web site he will never get it back.

I'm so glad I finally discovered what a horrible person he has always been.

I'm almost grateful to that idiot Susan Sarandon.

Happy December 19th!


The far left vs. women

Doug Henwood writes for The Nation and Jacobin and consistently shits on feminists and any women (except for Putin's stooge Jill Stein) looking for political power.

Doug Henwood's misogyny is typical of the far left. They want women to be earth mothers, just like Sarandon does, and know their place because feminism won't be necessary once the Glorious People's Revolution comes.


Trump & Reverend Bookburn: non-compliant women are crazy

Trump & the far left agree:
non-compliant women are insane
Misogynist men like to declare that women who do not agree with them - or even worse, oppose them and refuse to be groveling doormats - are insane.
Example one:
President Trump renewed his verbal attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, questioning her mental stability and fitness for office.  
"But I have to deal with crazy Nancy, she's crazy as a ... as a bed bug," Trump said during a nearly hourlong interview on Fox & Friends Friday morning. "She is nuts. 
Example two:
Reverend Bookburn: describing me as a "psycho" multiple times.
Nancy Pelosi stood up to Trump, so Trump calls her crazy.
I stood up to Reverend Bookburn, so he calls me psycho.
Regardless of political views, man-baby misogynists have much in common.

Now of course the kind of men who routinely call women who don't bow down to them "crazy" and "psycho" are also the kind of men who won't listen to what a woman has to say on the subject.

“Crazy” Women
The association between women’s behavior and being labeled “crazy” has a long and infamous history in Western culture. The word “hysteria” – defined as “behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic,” is derived from the ancient Greek word “hystera” – meaning uterus. Until the early 20th century, female hysteria was the official medical diagnosis for a truly massive array of symptoms in women including but not limited to: loss of appetite, nervousness, irritability, fluid retention, emotional excitability,  outbursts of negativity, excessive sexual desire and “a tendency to cause trouble”.