The dirt-bag left aligns with Trump/Putin - of course

I've written plenty on my personal blog about how awful the Hillary Clinton hating dirtbag left is.

The recent NYTimes article makes clear just how awful - and frequently Trump-aligned - they are in their obvious misogyny:
When Hillary Clinton’s name came up, the reaction was nearly indistinguishable from a Trump rally. 
“Lock her up,” the co-host Matt Christman said to the crowd. 
The crowd began to chant: Lock her up. Lock her up.
Even more perfect is how many of the dirtbag left leaders come from privileged backgrounds.

They don't represent the working class - they represent the sons of the upperclass who haven't risen in their careers as quickly as they expected:
While the Chapo hosts rail against the media establishment, they are also deeply entwined with it and largely beloved by it. (Mr. Menaker, for example, grew up on the Upper West Side, the son of a New York Times editor and a New Yorker editor.)
And although there's no evidence that they get money directly from the Right or Putin, does it really matter? In their focus on attacking Democrats - especially women Democrats - they are doing the work of Trump and Putin.

What a perfect photo of the Chapo fan base in the article. A ratio of one woman to fifty men.