Why is it the only women Susan Sarandon likes are Putin-loving stooges?

As we know, Susan Sarandon supported Putin's friend Jill Stein because she couldn't bring herself to endorse Hillary Clinton (unlike Bernie Sanders) for president against evil monster from hell Trump.

And now we see her pushing the Putin smear campaign against Biden based on the testimony of Tara Reade, a woman who just happens to be a huge fan of Putin - although now of course she's deleted all her pro-Putin tweets and claimed she didn't mean any of it.

From The Intercept, of course

And only an idiot, or a pro-Putin stooge like Sarandon would pretend that means nothing.

Sarandon hates Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren - any woman who might have come between Saint Bernard and the presidency.

And yet even though Bernie Sanders endorsed Biden and called him a "decent man" that's not good enough for Sarandon and other stooges like Nathan J Robinson, Glenn Greenwald and John Cusack.

So why don't they trust Bernie Sanders in this issue as they trust him with everything else?

Is it because what they really care about most is helping Putin?


The Far Left: Feminism shouldn't be about women

Can you imagine Jacobin publishing a piece about how Black Lives Matter shouldn't be about black lives? And suggesting that Black Lives Matter should be fighting for everyone, regardless of race?

That's the parallel line of reasoning about feminism from some idiot named Nichole Ashoff in Jacobin.

This is exactly the line that professional misogynist Doug Henwood has been pushing for years. That feminism shouldn't be about WOMEN

Women have to defer to every other group first before they fight for themselves in Jacobin-style socialism.

This is why the Far Left is almost as evil as the Far Right. The pure unadulterated contempt for women.


Sanders drops out

New York Daily News:
Bernie Sanders drops out of presidential race
Now the question is whether people like Susan Sarandon are going to help Biden or help Trump.

There's a certain type of leftist who would rather burn it all to the ground than work in a democracy.

We've seen again and again that rather than blame Republicans for lack of government healthcare, people like Sarandon would rather blame Democrats for failing to make all socialist dreams come true in a country where half the people don't want government health care in principle - although many of course are glad to have it when they get it. Which Obama understood when he fought as hard as he could for the level of government healthcare he could realistically expect to get in a world of obstructionist and evil Republicans - who were elected in a democratic system.

Many people are ignorant and many people are irrational. But in a democracy those people are still allowed to vote and ignorant and irrational people most often vote for Republicans. And you can't reach them by providing knowledge and rationality - they are impervious to those things.

The difference between standard Democrats and the far Left is that Democrats acknowledge the reality of the situation.

The far Left refuses to acknowledge the ignorance and irrationality of huge swaths of the American electorate and instead prefers to attack Democrats for refusing to deny the reality.

The best part of the Sanders candidacy was the way it brought out multi-millionaire celebrities like Sarandon to posture as spokespeople for the working class, when the actual working class - a large proportion of whom are African Americans - preferred Joe Biden.

Susan Sarandon should apologize to the loved ones of all who died from coronavirus thanks to Trump's utter failure in this pandemic, for saying that Hillary Clinton would be a worse president.

She should apologize, but she won't. Because Susan Sarandon, and the heedless, reckless, burn-it-all-down nihilists of the Left absolutely HAVE NO SHAME.

I had to laugh when I found this:

Susan Sarandon Is Still Out There Sarandoning
by Dan Savage • Nov 27, 2017 at 5:49 am

Although I do feel sorry for Chris Sarandon, who was so great as the lover of Al Pacino's character in Dog Day Afternoon. Susan Tomalin took his last name when they married and never changed it back to Tomalin after they divorced and now has turned his name into a verb meaning "to be a counter-productive asshole who claims to want progress but fights the very people most likely to achieve progress because they aren't pure enough."


Of course Joe Rogan never really opposed Trump

Joe Rogan would 'rather vote for Trump than Biden' after endorsing Sanders

Podcast host says former vice-president, 77, is too old despite having endorsed Sanders, 78, for the Democratic nomination

To nobody's surprise except gullible Berners, Joe Rogan has said he prefers Trump over Biden - after endorsing Sanders.

He so obviously supported Sanders because Trump would rather face Sanders than Biden and so Rogan did his part for team Trump.

And all Sanders got out of it was alienating African American voters.