Thank you Hillary, Susan & Caprizchka

I'm working on a collection of essays about people I have known who have died, and Bob Reverend Bookburn's friend, the right-wing extremist toxic anti-feminist "Caprizchka" is going to be the subject of one of those essays.

So I've been forcing myself to read her entire blog in preparation for the essay. It's pretty hard going since 50% of the content is about how much she hates feminists and loves insanely evil people like Gavin McInnes and "Judgey Bitch" and Milo Yiannapolous.

Ultimately she inspires pity more than anything, because she had a pretty hard life, if her blog is an honest indicator. She was sexually abused by her father as a kid, became a runaway, felt she had to fend for herself her whole life, and then in early middle-age married a guy who seems to have been a sociopath who stole most of her savings. After she separated from him, she finally found a man she loved, but he died after four years together and she spent the remaining fourteen months of her life in loneliness and depression, trying to recover the money stolen by her husband. 

So in spite of the fact that the last time I saw her, Caprizchka made a pass at my (now ex) husband, while I was standing in the same room holding my infant daughter in my arms, I still feel sorry for her. 

And speaking of The Incident, while I was combing through her blog archives I discovered she wrote about it in her blog, except her side of the story is completely different from mine. Here is what she wrote:

Where it gets really funny is that a few months ago, I happened to connect with a man of my very distant past on Facebook, by participating in a discussion which concerned poor treatment that a male volunteer experienced at a rape crisis center. Since my male friend (and former paramour) had been such a volunteer, to include “clinic defense” and other courageous and chivalrous activity, but yet had been similarly poorly treated by empire-building women who were threatened by anything in pants (to include tall, slim, attractive women such as myself who don’t accept the superiority of such women), I made a sympathetic comment on his Facebook page (since removed by the evil goons at Facebook). 
At this point, a woman made an appearance within the thread and began responding to my comments with unmitigated hostility. It took me a few volleys to realize that she had been a participant within an orgy that I had attended back before I had been “legal”. That’s how far back our history goes. 
She became so completely unhinged upon realizing who I was that she started flinging at me insults which were beyond the pale. She is one of the women who I file in the “no good deed goes unpunished” category in that it was I who had “serviced” her (not the reverse). Over time, the complete batshittiness of women have soured me on bisexuality altogether. I gave it up like some people give up gluten. 
According to my male friend, this hysteric went on, over the years, to become a holy terror and complete misandrist except for those men who were outright servile toward her. This is a pathological character which is all too common in the “alternative” sexual communities and otherwise makes a good case toward monogamy however, not with women like them!
Her hostility with me had to do with my allowing her male servant (known as a fiancĂ©) at the time to touch me. I know. That’s behavior truly beyond the pale when encountered at an orgy for which I am truly repentant.
It is “submissive men” who tend to get the most burned by such entitlement princess whores. In fact, in my view, it is submissive men who need to be chastised for catering to these creatures. However, the “sexual sacred” of men tends to make them blind to such predations. Therefore, there is great power in inculcating submissiveness among men. It makes them vulnerable at an institutional level. As you can see, entitlement princess whores have every rational reason to despise me. I am their walking nemesis and they know it. 
In a society which has essentially broken down, there is no such thing as financial “security,” except that afforded to indigent entitlement princess whores by the state. The privatized version however preys on individual men, divorces or entraps them with parenthood, and then feeds off the man’s carcass.

I've never had sex with a woman, and I've never been to an orgy, that I know of. I've certainly never been part of an "alternative" sexual community.

It's possible that Caprizchka is confusing me with another woman who had sex with her and whose fiance she touched at an orgy. Or possibly she is conflating two separate incidents and two separate women.

And it's possible that what I thought was a New Years Eve party, she thought was an orgy, or decided to turn it into an orgy.

But I think Caprizchka is lying to herself or to her blog audience or both. It makes her sound like the wronged party to describe the scenario as one in which a woman she had sex with got mad at her for messing with her fiance during an orgy, rather than that she hit on someone's husband at a New Year's Eve party while the wife was standing there holding an infant.

But whether she is confused about what happened or is deliberately misrepresenting it, I know she is talking about me and our Facebook flamewar because she mentions Bob Reverend Bookburn who she was once involved with, long ago, and who did clinic defense. We were both his Facebook friends during the flamewar.

If I had read this blog post prior to our friendship ending in December 2018 I might not have believed Bob would say these insane things about me. But after watching him write all kinds of defamatory bullshit about my personal life on his blog, I absolutely believe he said what she claims he said:

According to my male friend, this hysteric went on, over the years, to become a holy terror and complete misandrist except for those men who were outright servile toward her.

The great thing about ending a friendship is that you find out what someone really thinks of you. Thanks to Bob's rage at me for defending Hillary Clinton and criticizing Susan Sarandon on Twitter our friendship ended - and thanks to Caprizchka I know that Bob was a vicious back-stabbing weasel loooong before our friendship ended. He was making completely insane claims about me at the same time he was using me to maintain his Reverend Bookburn web site. 

I'm so glad I'm not his friend any more. What a miserable, shitty, garbage person Bob has always been and I was blind to it. No wonder he was able to be such good pals with an insanely bigoted, self-delusional right-wing extremist fuck-up like Caprizchka. Birds of a feather.


I believe in a way (Hillary Clinton is) more dangerous (than Trump) ~ Susan Sarandon

On this the first day of hearings for the inevitable confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, we at Sarandonphobe mourn the coming loss of gay rights, reproductive rights and healthcare rights.

We also remember that Susan Sarandon said this:

“I believe in a way she’s more dangerous, except they’re both talking to Henry Kissinger apparently lately,” Sarandon told The Young Turks on Thursday.

So RIP gay marriage.

Amy Coney Barrett is an Absolute Threat to LGBTQ Rights

RIP abortion rights and maybe even birth control.

Amy Coney Barrett Signed Anti-Abortion Letter From Extremist Group Against IVF

RIP health care

The real danger Amy Coney Barrett poses to ObamaCare

And thanks to Trump's attempt to be an actual dictator...

Taking Page From Authoritarians, Trump Turns Power of State Against Political Rivals

Sarandon may get her wish:

Sarandon predicted in a separate interview that Clinton will ultimately face indictment for her use of a private email server while secretary of State.

“Nobody’s even talking about this indictment,” she told MSNBC. "What happens with that, besides the trust issue of catching her in so many lies?”

“Well, there has been no indictment,” Chris Jansing responded.

“No, but there’s going to be,” responded Sarandon. "I mean, it’s inevitable."

I will never forget how Susan Sarandon aided and abetted Donald Trump. 

- and also she will never have to worry about having an abortion or having her marriage cancelled.