Happy Decemberteenth!

Kathy Bates is the official mascot of Sarandonphobe.

You've heard of Juneteenth? This is Decemberteenth!

June 19 is the day Black Americans celebrate the news of the end of slavery finally reaching the farthest outposts of the US (at the time Texas.)

But really all people who hate slavery, regardless of ethnicity, should celebrate Juneteenth. I have been advocating for Juneteenth to be a national holiday for at least five years.

And now, for myself, there is a new holiday: December 19, to be known henceforth as Decemberteenth.

I am so glad I am free of Bob Reverend Bookburn for two years now, after he attacked me, personally, viciously on December 19, 2018 because I dared to criticize multi-millionaire radical chic Trump-enabling asshole Susan Sarandon while arguing with his Twitter followers, whom Bob Reverend Bookburn apparently believes he owns, and is responsible for controlling what they see and who they argue with.

Then he proceeded to tell many lies on his blog about my personal life, past and present.

I'm especially sorry I helped him with his Reverend Bookburn site while he was lying about me and stabbing me in the back.

Maybe Debra Messing and Soledad O'Brien could be the co-mascots of this blog, and unlike Kathy Bates they are on the record despising Susan Sarandon, like so many people do:



"Woman is the Nigger of the World": Why Mikki Kendall thinks John Lennon and Yoko Ono are racists

Today is the 40th anniversary of the death of John Lennon - RIP. Lennon was a genius and had many good qualities, although of course he wasn't perfect.

according to extremists like Mikki Kendall

 In 1972 he and his wife Yoko Ono released a song called "Woman is the Nigger of the World."

I happen to think they are right, if you consider the word "nigger" to represent any group of people who is horrifically oppressed. And that was the sense that Lennon/Ono meant. They weren't attacking Woman by using the word. They weren't attacking Black people with the word. They were making an analogy. They were protesting injustice using the N word to represent injustice. 

We might call it poetic license.

But the art-hating Philistine literalists refused to see it that way. 

Then one day, a young clueless white woman showed up to a "Slut Walk" demonstration carrying a sign that was the title of the Lennon/Ono song.

The Philistines already hated that there was an anti-rape series of protests called Slut Walk, and they tried to spin it as somehow anti-women of color, in spite of the fact that the Slut Walk movement was 100% inclusive.

So some tone-deaf white woman showing up with a sign that said "Woman is the Nigger of the World" was their cue to claim they were right, Slut Walk was really racist.

Which meant that John Lennon and Yoko Ono were racists for writing that song with that title in the first place. According to people like Mikki Kendall.

And when I defended Lennon/Ono on Facebook in an argument with some of her friends, Mikki Kendall and her deranged extremist friends attacked me by name as a racist.

So of course Bob Reverend Bookburn, who claims to love Lennon/Ono would not stand up against morons like Kendall and DEFEND Lennon/Ono but rather would take Mikki Kendall's side.

Because that's the sleazy, shitty, weaselly, cowardly, back-stabbing, untrustworthy, conscience-deficient sociopath Bob Reverend Bookburn has always been. He freaking worships John Lennon and he wouldn't even stand up to defend John Lennon against an extremist idiot like Mikki Kendall.

I am so glad I found out who he really was, even if it did take me decades.