FU Susan Sarandon

 The Supreme Court is now closer than ever to turning over Roe V Wade.

And multi-millionaire celebrity luxury-brands shill Susan Sarandon and her zombie cult helped.

Sarandon and her cultists don't need to come out and say "women's lives don't matter" - all they had to do was demonize and smear the woman candidate who could have beaten Trump and prevented a far-right SCOTUS majority. But Bernie handmaidens wanted to reassure their men that they would never dream of voting "with their vaginas."

Here we see Sarandon showing how ideologically pure she is - except that "the woman" was running against pussy-grabbing Donald Trump. 

Sarandon did all she could with her celebrity platform to destroy HRC and women's rights. She had help, sure, but if she could have done it all by herself, she would have.

But of course after daring to disagree with Bob Reverend Bookburn, one of the biggest Sarandon cultists around, I found out how extremely misogynist he is. 

But really I should have guessed that long before he attacked my appearance and lied about my personal life, throwing a man-baby tantrum because a woman refused to be his blog-bitch anymore.

These people like to imagine they're cool revolutionaries when actually they only help the world's biggest assholes. But they are narcissists, so they really don't give an actual shit about anybody else. 

Especially not about women.

Looking forward to the Glorious Revolution when Susan Sarandon's millions will be liberated and distributed among the proletariat