Why is anybody still on Twitter? It's 100% owned by a racist plutocrat creep

 From Mashable

Elon Musk defends 'Dilbert' creator after racist rant, tweets media 'racist against whites'


For years, Black workers at Tesla, where Musk is CEO, have come forward with allegations of racism experienced while at the company. Just one of the many examples includes slurs and racist harassment reportedly leveled at Tesla's Black employees from their superiors at the car maker's factories. Lawsuits have been filed over the years, one resulting in a single employee receiving $137 million in a jury verdict. However, the former Tesla worker is going back to court for a new trial after a judge cut the amount to $15 million.

Since Musk took over at Twitter, many formerly suspended accounts belonging to far-right users and white supremacists were reinstated and allowed back on the platform. Shortly after Musk's acquisition, researchers discovered that the usage of racial slurs on Twitter were up as much as 500 percent. Musk also mocked the "Stay Woke" T-shirts printed up under former CEO Jack Dorsey's reign in order to show the company's support for Black Lives Matter. 

Seriously, so many people with a conscience have dumped Twitter and migrated to Mastodon, you have to wonder what kind of racism-enabling idiots are still on Twitter.

But of course we know who - multi-millionaire celebrity luxury brand spokesperson Susan Sarandon.

Maybe because, after alienating so many people with their idiot MAGA-enabling positions from 2016-2020, the only friends they have left are their Twitter followers.

And they are feckless stooges of plutocratic filth.

Looking forward to the Glorious Revolution when Susan Sarandon's millions will be liberated and distributed among the proletariat